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You can play WARLOCK on an Apple II GS with at least 51 2K RAM and a 3.5-inch 
disk drive. A joystick is optional. 


Place your WARLOCK disk into your 3.5-inch disk drive. Turn on your computer. 
WARLOCK will load automatically. After the opening screens, press either J 
(Joystick) or K (Keyboard) to start the game. 


Each registered owner of WARLOCK may purchase one backup copy for $7 
In Canada, one backup copy may be purchased for $10 (U.S. currency). 
California residents please add 7% sales tax. Checks or money order should be 
made out to Three-Sixty Pacific, Inc. This copy is for backup purposes only and 
is not for resale. Your backup disk is covered by Three-Sixty's limited warranty. 


WARLOCK consists of 20 different levels, with each level increasing in difficulty. Your 
goal is to re-capture the stolen "Kama", the precious jewel of the Underworld. Your 
only defenses are your vitality, power, and objects you find along the way. Your 
mission is to collect eight magical objects that are hidden among the 20 screens. As 
you collect the objects, they will appear in the upper right portion of the screen. Only 
after you have collected all eight objects, can you attempt to re-capture the Kama. 
Its thief is known only as the evil HE. 


During game play, you may select either joystick or keyboard control by pressing J 
(Joystick) or K (keyboard). 


You will need to use the 4-9 keys on the numeric keypad as follows: 

4 - makes the Warlock walk left. 

6- --makes the Warlock walk right. 

5---makes the Warlock jump down (this only works when the Warlock is 
standing on a gray tile, in front of a ladder, or in front of any entry way). 

8- --makes the Warlock jump up (This only works when the Warlock is 

standing on a gray tile, in front of a ladder, or in front of any entry way). 

7- --makes the Warlock jump left. 

9- --makes the Warlock jump right. 

Option or Command (Open Apple) key-pressing either of these makes the 
Warlock fire. 


Jump Up 

Move to Upper or Lower Level 

(You can move the Warlock between the upper and lower 
parts of the screen when you are standing on a gray tile, in 
front of a ladder, or in front of any entry way.) 


Choose a difficulty level by pressing one of the following keys on the numeric keypad: 
1 - Lesser Wizard: Start with 5,000 Vitality Points and 4,000 Power Points. 
2- Wizard: Start with 3,500 Vitality Points and 3,000 Power Points. 

3 - Master Wizard: Start with 2,000 Vitality Points and 2,000 Power Points. 


You may pause the game at any time by pressing P. Press P again to resume play. 

Press the ESC key at any time to quit your current game. 

If the Warlock dies or you press the escape key, you will be asked to play another 
game. Press the Y key to play again, or the N key to exit the program. 


For each "Bad Guy" the Warlock destroys, you will gain the number of points shown 
on the screen. Sometimes "Bad Guys" will leave you gifts. Pick them up to increase 
your score and gain Vitality, Strength, and Armor points. Each of these treasures will 
affect you in a different way. 

Treasure Chest: + 500 points 
Magic Book: + 250 Power Points 
Protecto Scarab: + 1 % Armor Points 

Vitality Potion: +500 Vitality Points, + 5% Armor Power, 4-250 Power Points 
?: Unknown treasure 


Always keep an eye on your Vitality Level. If the Vitality Level reaches zero, you will 
die. Try to shoot the "Bad Guys" before they get you. If they reach you first, you will 
loose Vitality points. Some "Bad Guys" may cause a "freezing" or "stunning" effect 
if you are caught with your guard down. One more caution— be very careful when 
traveling between levels— evil lurks around every corner. May the Lords of Light 
protect you on your quest! 

Apple II GS is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc. 
Warlock is licensed from Infogrames, Copyright © 1 988. Program by O. Zimmer. 
Copyright © 1 988 Three- Sixty Pacific, Inc. All rights reserved. 

Three-Sixty Pacific, Inc., 2105 S. Bascom Ave., Campbell, CA 95008